Apple MacBook Air Review (2022): Specifications and Functions

The MacBook Air (2022) was absent from the event. That means there's still time for the rumor mill to corroborate specifics about the forthcoming MacBook Air, which is expected to provide significant design and performance improvements over its 2020 predecessor. Well, now lets have a look at Apple MacBook Air Review.

Apple’s next-generation MacBook Air redesign, due in 2022, will be the most significant design upgrade to the MacBook Air since 2010 when both 11- and 13-inch variants were debuted. We’re expecting a complete redesign of the machine’s appearance, and this guide compiles all of the rumors we’ve heard so far regarding the update. In this article, we will look at Apple MacBook Air Review

While we had high hopes for the MacBook Air (2022) to make an appearance at Apple’s “Peek Performance” presentation on March 8, we were disappointed to be disappointed once again.

Apple MacBook Air Review (2022): Specifications and Functions
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There have been some credible speculations circulating that the new MacBook Air will be delivered alongside a second generation of the M1 silicon, and in a variety of bright and cheerful colors. Unfortunately, as you can see from the Apple March Event live blog, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to learn if Apple is planning to bring color back to its laptop portfolio.


The wedge-shaped design of the MacBook Air is being phased out, and the next-generation model will not have a tapered look. Apple will go to a more MacBook Pro-like design with a uniform shape, rather than the current MacBook Air models, which are thicker at the back and taper to a slimmer design at the front.

The upcoming MacBook Air is projected to be smaller and lighter than the present model, with design cues from both the MacBook Pro and the 24-inch iMac. According to rumours, the machine will have slim off-white bezels and a corresponding off-white keyboard, with a chassis that will be available in a variety of iMac-like hues.

Apple MacBook Air Review (2022): Specifications and Functions
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Apple offered the iMac in blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange, and purple, and we expect the MacBook Air will have some of the same color possibilities. This makes sense because the MacBook Air, as the 24-inch iMac, is a fun entry-level machine, and the colors will distinguish it from the higher-end silver and space grey MacBook Pro models.


Apple MacBook Air Review (2022): Specifications and Functions
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With the MacBook Pro, Apple introduced a mini-LED display, and the MacBook Air could follow suit. We don’t know if the display will have a notch like the MacBook Pro’s, but if the bezels are thin enough, it may happen. However, because a notch would be more obvious in an off-white color, Apple may opt-out of including one.


According to leaked information from Dylandkt, Apple may be reverting to the solo “MacBook” label after dropping the “Air” appellation. It’s unclear whether this will happen, but it’s a possibility given that Apple did something similar with the now-discontinued 12-inch MacBook.


The keyboard on the MacBook Air is believed to be comparable to the one on the MacBook Pro, featuring full-size function keys. Apple made the entire keyboard black on the MacBook Pro, including the space beneath the keys. Apple might do something similar with the MacBook Air, but only in white.

Apple MacBook Air Review (2022): Specifications and Functions
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The next-generation MacBook Air will most likely have the same 1080p camera as the MacBook Pro. It’s an upgrade over the current 720p camera, and it’s aided by Apple’s image signal processor, but it still falls short of the camera quality found on iPhones and iPads.



While the MacBook Air will have numerous USB-C/Thunderbolt connections, it will not have an SD card slot or an HDMI port, which will be reserved for the MacBook Pro to differentiate the two machines.

Apple MacBook Air Review (2022): Specifications and Functions
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M2 Apple Silicon Chip-

According to most speculations, Apple is working on a new “M2” chip for the MacBook Air. The M2 processor won’t be as powerful as the M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs seen in the 2021 MacBook Pro models, but it will be a more powerful version of the M1 chip.

The M2 microprocessor may have the same amount of computer cores as the M1 (eight), but it is predicted to be slightly faster due to speed advancements. It could also have better graphics, with nine or ten GPU cores instead of the present M1 MacBook Air’s seven or eight.

Apple MacBook Air Review (2022): Specifications and Functions
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Though there have been reports that the M2 will be used in the forthcoming MacBook Air, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that Apple may instead employ a modified version of the M1 processor for the next computer. Kuo’s claims are contradicted by other sources.

Release date-

The MacBook Air is expected to appear in 2022, but no exact date has been set. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, mass production would begin in the late second quarter or early third quarter, implying a September debut, while Bloomberg claims the new MacBook Air will be released in the fall.

Given Apple’s prior Mac release history, if the autumn timeframe is correct, the MacBook Air might be announced in October, following the first September iPhone event. Here is the wrap-up with the Apple MacBook Air Review. make sure to check it out. Give us feedback in the comment section below.

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