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The Tech Industry — and all of its players – is the focus of TechiDroid. We adore the Technology community and wish to make their efforts known. To support the Tech ecosystem community, a programme called “Submit Products for Review” was created. Our staff would want to learn more about some fantastic products and services available and help spread the word. We focus on tech innovators and publishers at TechiDroid, unlike other tech review sites.

We’d love to learn more about emerging technology, as well as all of the fantastic products we may have overlooked. Continue reading to learn how to send us your reviews if you want us to publish information about your product, app, or service. It’s simple and clear, and we’re looking forward to working with you!

Review Submission Rules:

  • Only an officially appointed marketing representative will accept product review requests.
  • Any product that has been reviewed by our team previously will not be reviewed again. Look to see if your product has already been reviewed.
  • Products that promote gambling, pornography, or the sale of illegal substances, for example, will not be reviewed or published.

Our editorial team would love to have:

  • Please provide as much information as possible. App reviews that are less than 600 words in length will not be accepted. Please stay away from marketing gimmicks!
  • Pictures and other photos in any format are accepted; digital files are recommended for better image quality.
  • Links to pages on your website that are dedicated to the app’s features. 
  • If you want to, including any promo codes/offers for our readers.
  • Include the following elements to assist our editors in their mobile app review:
  • Clearly highlight the Mobile App Category.
  • Link to high-quality graphical assets (Logos, screenshots, etc.)
  • About Your Company
  • Contact Information + Social Media Links

TechiDroid is a website that seeks informative content for its readers. As a result, supporting content such as a link to your website, concise summaries of your products, links to YouTube or Vimeo films, and other relevant content regarding the product and its features is always valuable. So go ahead and submit your app for consideration.

Please remember that TechiDroid reserves the right not to publish any product or service review that does not meet our editorial criteria. Please save all of the files to your Dropbox or Google Drive account and share the URL in the message box below. If you’d like to send the app review details to us via email, please send them to

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