10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS

Periscope used to be a popular live-streaming app. The platform ceased operations after six years in the business due to a variety of factors. As a result, you'll need the best Periscope alternatives to do live streaming.

Many indie artists and influencers used Periscope for online gatherings, Q&A sessions, and other live-streaming activities back then. However, you may see that several platforms have comparable features and perhaps more to offer. Here are some of the best Periscope Alternatives for Android & iOS.

For example, TikTok allows you to simultaneously publish short videos, live stream material, and monetize your account. Aside from that, Instagram Live allows you to socialize without having to move between applications.

This is why, after six years of being a part of everyone’s lives, Periscope was shut off. But don’t worry, this post will provide you with something greater.

Here are some of the best Periscope alternatives that you should try:

  1. Instagram

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: Viasat

Instagram’s Live function has been available since 2016. After all, it only makes Instagram one of the similar applications to Periscope. Your followers will also be notified that you are live-streaming. Simply slide the screen to the right and select the “Live” option at the bottom of the screen.

You may, of course, save your live video if you choose. It will evaporate within 24 hours if it is not used. Instagram Live is a fantastic method to gain new followers and sell things more quickly. Aside from that, it improves your visibility on our site.

  1. YouTube Live

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: imstudio. medium

YouTube Live is another program similar to Periscope that you should check out. This is a fantastic way to increase your brand awareness. However, you must first activate the Live function before launching any live video, which might take up to 24 hours.

Aside from that, only confirmed users have access to the Live function. YouTube Live is available on both iOS and Android devices. After that, you’ll need at least 1,000 followers to start a live broadcast from your smartphone.

  1. Facebook

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: the mirror

Facebook provides a comprehensive live-streaming app for Android and iOS, which has been renamed, Meta. The feature was first introduced in 2016 and has since grown in popularity. Many users use the live streaming platform to offer things directly to their customers.

There’s no need to switch to other applications in the first place because it’s linked to your Facebook page. Of course, your stream may be saved as you continue to reach out to your audience – or, more importantly, build your following. Everything is free, and you may use it for your hobbies as well.

  1. BIGO live

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: desert

BIGO is a popular platform for individuals to showcase their skills. As a result, you should expect to witness dancers from all over the world. This site is also used by influencers and producers to make money from live-stream videos.


Virtual presents may be given to you by anybody viewing the live feed. Finally, you’ll be able to gather those gifts and turn them into cash. BIGO occasionally hosts live tournaments. If you are up for it and are the winner, you may earn a fantastic reward. However, both the App Store and the Play Store have given this app a rating of 17+. As a result, be sure you’re an adult before using this app to view live streaming.

  1. Twitch

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: the verge

On the other hand, if you’re seeking Periscope-like applications developed exclusively for games, you should go to Twitch. This Amazon-owned platform will provide you with an incredible live gaming experience. You may communicate with your favorite streamers in real time in addition to streaming and playing games.

Twitch is now not simply a gaming site, but also a platform for all live-streaming users. As a result, you should expect to see some great talent on your Twitch page. Above all, this platform is ideal for individuals who wish to monetize their material.

  1. YouNow

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: play.Google

When it comes to Android applications like Periscope, YouNow may not be as well-known as the other options on the list. However, as live streaming software, this platform offers a lot of benefits. This program has been operating since 2011 and allows users to launch live-stream videos.

Aside from that, you may create videos and have real-time conversations with your audience. On this app, you’ll likely discover a lot of creative people, making it a wonderful location for everyone to learn new things or simply find enjoyable stuff. You may afterward share the live video on numerous social media platforms.

  1. Livestream

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: play.Google

Livestream, on the other hand, is a popular professional live-streaming platform. This program is suitable for individuals who utilize prime lenses and webcams, and it is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. Of course, the quality of the outcomes is excellent.

Livestream, on the other hand, is not a free service. It comes with a 30-day free trial that you may take advantage of. If you wish to keep using the service, you must pay a monthly fee of at least USD 75. Still, for those who desire high-quality video, Livestream is one of the finest live-streaming programs.

  1. Tango

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: TechCrunch

Tango might be considered the finest Periscope substitute. From generating live content to delivering video conversations, we’ve got you covered. Tango is a trustworthy software for sharing daily vlogs, creating content, and making money from your videos.

This software has a large user base, which will help you grow your business. You may start getting virtual presents from the audience and transform them into money, much like BIGO. Before you can start selling your content, you must first reach out to a targeted audience.

While the program is free to download and use, in-app purchases are available for some features. If you want to broadcast your material, you should use this app.

  1. MeetMe

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: super easy

Rather than being a live-streaming service, MeetMe outperforms the competition by offering a space to find love and relationships. You are not required to locate soulmates here, but you will undoubtedly meet a large number of new individuals from diverse nations.

What will you be able to do with this app? MeetMe, on the other hand, allows you to communicate texts, and videos, and start live streaming all from the same app.

Aside from that, your audience can mail you jewels and presents. You’ll be able to cash in those presents later. Overall, MeetMe isn’t just another Periscope-like software. This platform allows you to accomplish a lot of things, especially if you enjoy social connections.

  1. Tik Tok

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: TechCrunch

For the last five years, TikTok has been unquestionably famous. Users come from all over the world, and you may discover material on this platform about any topic. You may also do live streaming in addition to publishing videos.

While the platform enables users to upload videos with a set time restriction, TikTok Live allows you to stream for as long as you like. As a result, it’s safe to claim that TikTok Live is one of the best Periscope replacements available. You may even monetize your work on this platform!

  1. BlueJeans

Initially, BlueJeans was only accessible to PC users. Today, though, this software has evolved into a wonderful Periscope live alternative. Rather than serving as a platform for monetizing your live videos, BlueJeans serves as a secure but spectacular venue for commercial virtual events. This software makes it very easy to organize meetings and conferences.

10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
Image Source: infocanvas.upenn

BlueJeans can host up to 150,000 people in a virtual meeting. Aside from that, you may connect this platform to other social media networks like YouTube and Facebook.

This one, on the other hand, is a free app. Depending on the number of participants, you must pay for the service. So, if you’re seeking a dependable platform to host a large virtual meeting with complete control, look no further.

  1. Omlet

    10 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android & iOS
    Image Source: play.Google

Omlet is a comparable app like Periscope that may go under the radar. This software is quite popular among gamers since it provides a variety of fun games. Omlet’s features let you take your game to the next level, in addition to broadcasting, recording, and sharing videos. Minecraft, Roblox, PUBG, and other popular games appear often on this site.

Omlet is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it available to all mobile players worldwide. You may use the live chat tool to interact with the audience while streaming. You may also play and stream with other people.

Is there a Periscope-like app? There is, without a doubt. You’ll come across a variety of choices to consider when it comes to initiating live streaming. As previously said, some of the applications on this list have social interaction capabilities, while others are better suited to a certain specialty. The greatest thing is that all of these applications are available on both the Play Store and the App Store. Furthermore, if you are seeking the best alternatives for Periscope, the following points are worth considering.

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