Top 10 Google One Alternatives

Google made all of our lives easy in many possible ways and more convenient with Google one app. Outsourcing more, try knowing more about Google One Alternatives.

Google One is a Cloud Storage Service in the Backup & Sync category that is characterized as having “room to expand.” For several platforms, including Online / Web-based, Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, there are over 100 Google One alternatives.

Cloud storage services and online backup tools are the most common choices. Nextcloud, which is both free and open-source, is the best alternative. Dropbox (Freemium), Google Drive (Freemium), Syncthing (Free, Open Source), and MEGA are some more amazing alternatives to Google One (Freemium).

Google is free and convenient, but it isn’t concerned about your personal information. It scans and analyses your information and reserves the right to use it any way it sees fit. Secure cloud drives, on the other hand, can protect your business contracts, budgets, and personal journals. No one should have access to your files unless you permit them. Use an alternative to ensure that only you have access to your files on a cloud storage provider.

Here we have covered the top 10 Google One Alternatives that you can use-

1. Volafile

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: thetechhacker provides real-time filesharing and quick downloads without bothersome countdowns or delays. Users can share files in rooms that have a chat feature and a file list. Volafile has a music player, a picture gallery, and previews for both images and videos.


Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: Wikipedia

IPFS is a global, versioned, peer-to-peer filesystem. It combines ideas from Git, BitTorrent, Kademlia, SFS, and the web. It is like a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging git objects. IPFS provides an interface as simple as the HTTP web but with permanence built-in.


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3. SyncTrayzor

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: SourceForge

SyncTrayzor is a Syncthing wrapper that allows the window of Syncthing to be concealed in the tray area. SyncTrayzor includes a built-in web browser that allows you to administer Syncthing without having to open your browser. SyncTrayzor can be set to run automatically when your computer boots up.

4. Spideroak One Backup

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: pcmag

SpiderOak is an online backup, storage, access, sharing, and sync application for Windows, macOS, and Linux that is simple, safe, and consolidated (Ubuntu, Debian & Fedora). SpiderOak takes a unique approach to backup, syncing, and sharing online.

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5. Tonido

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: tondo

Home and business file sharing, synchronization, and mobile access. ALL documents, images, music, and videos are accessible, synchronized, and shared from anywhere. There are no storage restrictions. No need to be concerned about security. There will be no uploading. Users who do not have a PRO subscription have limited values.


6. CopyBucket

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: copy bucket

CopyBucket is a clipboard that works in the cloud. It combines the convenience of copy/paste with the power of cloud storage. Copy/paste or drag-and-drop objects into buckets. On your other devices, items appear. Make new buckets and group like objects together.

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7. Internxt Drive

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: Product hunt

Internxt Drive provides a completely secure cloud storage solution. Client-side encryption is used to encrypt files uploaded to Internxt Drive, and only the user has access to the decryption key. Additionally, files are fragmented before being submitted. Only encrypted shards are stored on servers.

8. Waistra

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: waist

Waistra is a free cloud storage service with fantastic sharing options for its users. Waistra provides unrestricted cloud storage, allowing you to save an infinite number of files online. Waistra enables you to take all of your photographs, movies, music, and documents with you everywhere you go.

9. Strato HiDrive

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: play.Google

STRATO’s secure cloud storage gives you access to your data by consolidating all of your files into a single, easily manageable entity. Keeping all of your files in one safe location eliminates the hassle of transferring images and documents between numerous storage devices.

10. SSuite Blue Velvet

Top 10 Google One Alternatives in 2022
Image Source: alternative to

SSuite Blue Velvet is an HTML5 web application for word processing and writing that allows you unprecedented choice and flexibility without having to worry about the operating system, application, or document format incompatibilities.

Google One is a monthly subscription service that allows you greater capacity for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Plus, with Google One, you can share your membership with your family and receive additional benefits. But it’s never too late to also look for other Alternatives. Out of many, the above-mentioned are the top 10 Google One Alternatives that are recommended to use.

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