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We’re TechiDroid, and we’re the place where tech fanatics come to get interesting, motivating, and actionable information every day. You’ll be writing for an audience that lives, loves, and breathes cutting-edge technology as a guest contributor. If you believe you have what it takes, then write for us!

Our Audience?

Within the tech business, our audience consists of readers, tech enthusiasts, and thinkers. We give them actionable information on what’s happening in the world of technology. As a result, it becomes a fascinating platform to share your thoughts, knowledge, services, or anything else important to this audience.

What are the topics we accept guest posts on?

We accept articles on areas such as Tech news, Gadgets, Reviews, Tech Brands, Operating Systems, or apps/software related to the Tech industry because TechiDroid is a technology information website. We also invite you to write about your upcoming technologies or any noteworthy advancements in the field of technology.

Guest Contributor Guidelines:

  • Our platform’s soul is original, fresh, and actionable content. Scraped content is not tolerated by us. Also, if the article has been published elsewhere, it will not pass our editorial team’s inspection.
  • All of the photographs included with the article/post should be your property. (Photos from Unsplash are permitted.)
  • You should submit the article in a word document that is properly formatted. Before submitting your article, double-check those bullet points.
  • Articles of less than 1000 words are not accepted, and they will not provide you with any value.
  • If you want to embed a video, include a link to it in the word document (youtube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • There should be no more than 5 outbound links per post. If your content requires an additional outbound link, make a note of it in your email.
  • Please attach a profile photo and a short bio about yourself at the bottom of the document (5-6 sentences). Remember to add links to all of your social media profiles as well as your company’s website (this will be a Do-follow link)

Process & Timeline: 

Each article is reviewed before being published, which normally takes 4-5 working days. Even if your article is rejected, you will receive notification from us along with the reasons for the rejection so that you can revise it and resubmit it.

We reserve the right to modify or remove elements of your content to make it more readable and to ensure that the audience’s experience is positive. We recommend that you read a few of the articles to get a sense of the tone of what we post.

What will we do if you write for us?

  • Relevant links to your organization’s profile will be included in your author bio.
  • We promote content on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others.
  • We’ll also feature your article in our weekly newsletter.
  • We will also feature your article on our site for a week, depending on how interesting and comprehensive it is.
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