10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools

Terraform is a configuration management automation solution for IT. here are the 10 best Terraform Alternatives

It is one of the most popular IT automation technologies since it is simple to use and can assist in providing infrastructure across numerous cloud platforms. It is possible to operate several cloud services using a command-line interface using open-source IaC. (CLI). In this post, we are going to have a look at some of the best terraform alternatives that you should try.

It has HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) support out of the box, which provides a declarative language for operating data centers.

There are several Terraform alternatives. The following is a list of 10 alternatives to Terraform, including Ansible, Attune, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, BMC Control M, SaltStack, Vagrant, and Pulumi.

A list of the 10 best terraform alternatives is given below:

1. Attune

Attune, like Terraform, is a server automation solution. You may use Attune to provision, patch, and automate build workflows as well as compliance for virtual and physical servers. Attune helps organizations improve security and expedite digital transformation by expediting builds and deployments. It also allows automation through the use of Bash, CMD, and PowerShell.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
Image Source: Citigroup

Furthermore, Attune’s node automation function enables you to automate operations like Raspberry Pi or Docker settings and Home Lab setup. It also provides a simple interface for controlling all of your servers. It is developed in Python and supports numerous scripting languages.


Attune has the following features and benefits: Attune is a cross-platform automation system that is Python-based and operates on macOS, Windows, and Linux for Attune Enterprise.

2. Ansible

Ansible is one of various Terraform replacements. It is a platform for configuration management that streamlines the software development process. This solution enables you to deploy apps, patch them, and automate updates, compliance, and governance, among other things. Ansible is a popular IT automation solution because it is both lightweight and rapid to deploy.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
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You may link your project to Ansible using Ansible Modules. These modules will help you manage your project. Ansible’s agentless architecture eliminates the need to install client or server software. Modules for Ansible may operate on any server or system. Python Paramiko modules and SSH protocols are also supported.

Ansible’s advantages and features include:

  • Supports and connects to a variety of available CI/CD technologies, including Jenkins.
  • Application deployment is completed quickly.
  • Software complexity is reduced

3. Kubernetes

Another IT automation option for Terraform is Kubernetes. It is an open-source system for containerized application deployment, administration, and scalability. It makes container communication easier. It makes container discovery and administration easier within an application.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
Image Source: software engineering daily

Regardless of how complicated your requirements are, Kubernetes’ flexibility ensures constant and smooth application delivery. It not only allows you to shift workloads to where you need them, but it also allows you to pick between on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructure.

Kubernetes has the following features and benefits:

  • Allows for automatic scheduling
  • Capabilities for Self-Healing
  • Deployments and rollbacks are automated.
  • Load balancing and horizontal scalability are available.

4. Jenkins

Jenkins is a server that automates the development, testing, and deployment of software for developers and organizations. It also works with several additional plugins and technologies to help developers orchestrate test automation and CI/CD pipelines for any application project. It’s a Java-based application. It works with Windows, Mac OS, and other UNIX-like operating systems.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
Image Source: cloud

Jenkins may be set up and configured using a web interface. Because the application checks for mistakes automatically, configuring it is simple.

Jenkins’ features and benefits include:

  • Appropriate for CI/CD workflows.
  • Can be utilized on a variety of platforms.
  • It is simple to integrate with CI/CD tools.
  • Adaptable and expandable

5. Chef

Chef is a configuration management program that aids in the administration of settings across a variety of servers. It guarantees that servers fulfill set criteria through constant monitoring. It also has a proven track record of dealing with complicated systems.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
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Chef connects cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, and the Google Cloud Platform for automated provisioning and setup. It simplifies the connectivity of all IT infrastructure components, making new ones easier to install without the need for user intervention.

Chef has the following features and benefits:

  • Domain-specific languages based on Ruby and Erlang are used in the system setup (DSLs)
  • As firms evolve, this ensures flexible and consistent scalability.
  • Supervises the administration of IT infrastructure and cloud services.
  • Servers with high availability

6. Puppet

Puppet is a server installation, configuration, and management tool. It also makes continuous deployment, compliance, and configuration management easier. Puppet works over a secure encryption channel supported by SSL, using a Master-Slave architecture.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
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You can quickly transition your infrastructure to a continuous delivery pipeline by utilizing the orchestrator and code manager in Puppet Enterprise. Additionally, you may streamline deployments across various data centers by configuring parameters, apps, and environments as needed.

Puppet allows you to change your business while maintaining consistency and compliance.

Puppet’s features and benefits include:

  • Based on C++ and Ruby, it runs on Linux, Windows, and Unix-like operating systems and provides setup and continuous monitoring for all hosts.
  • Scaling is improved, and human error is reduced.
  • Control is centralized–master-server-based–and repository-based.

7. Saltstack

SaltStack is a Terraform alternative that provides infrastructure management for hybrid, on-premises, and cloud environments. It manages setups with Python and allows you to conduct commands remotely. It supports both agentless and agent-based settings.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
Image Source: Extech

With SaltStack, every system’s detection and reaction can be automated, providing the most comprehensive management and monitoring solution available for big, complex systems. It can also give SecOps features such as detecting and correcting vulnerabilities and misconfigured systems. When a problem emerges, you can resolve it immediately, ensuring that your infrastructure is always compliant, up-to-date, and secure.

Salt’s Characteristics and Benefits Includes Using the Salt Master argument, Salt minions can connect to numerous masters at the same time. A list of Master addresses is specified by the argument.

8. Vagrant

It is an automation software program that allows you to construct and manage virtual machines from a single location. The Vagrant approach improves production parity, reduces development environment setup time, and eliminates the “works on my computer” excuse.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
Image Source: GitHub

Users can automate software installation, configuration changes, and all aspects of the lifecycle used for later deployment in a VM-controlled environment without additional concerns during the development process. Vagrant makes it possible to easily generate unique configurations for replicating staging/production environments for local development and testing.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vagrant

  • Easily integrates with configuration management technologies like Chef, Salt, Ansible, and Puppet.
  • Effortless Workflow
  • Works well on a variety of systems, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

9. Pulumi

Pulumi is a cutting-edge Infrastructure-as-Code platform. To create, deploy, and manage infrastructure anywhere in the cloud, you may use familiar programming languages and tools. It enables the usage of the same tools, procedures, and language across all clouds.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
Image Source: pulumi

Pulumi allows you to deploy from the command line and interfaces with any CI/CD tool you like. Furthermore, you may create and describe infrastructure using a variety of languages such as JavaScript,.NET, TypeScript, Go, and Python.

The Characteristics and Advantages of Pulumi

  • Open-source
  • Develop infrastructure in a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Go.
  • Access to cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, and Digital Ocean, as well as Cloudflare, New Relic, and Datadog.

10. M BMC Control

BMC Control-M is a solution for process orchestration. It aids in the streamlining of business application orchestration. It integrates with AWS and Azure to streamline workflow across hybrid and multi-cloud systems.

10 Best Terraform Alternatives And Alike Tools
Image Source: YouTube

You may establish a process to automate a script using the Control-M interface. Following that, the system will generate scripts to represent each needed activity. You may save the script and execute it later, or you can schedule it to run whenever you like. It may also be performed as a recurring procedure that starts every night at midnight.

Workflows can be executed across many operating systems. They are also available via distant and cloud-based systems. Control-M is handy for transferring files between servers in a safe manner.


Terraform allows you to represent your whole infrastructure as code, even if it spans many service providers. Your servers may be from AWS, your DNS from Cloudflare, and your database from Heroku. Terraform will create all of these resources in parallel across all of these providers.

Terraform is a tech stack tool in the Infrastructure Build Tools category. Terraform is a popular open-source project with 31.9K GitHub stars and 7.5K GitHub forks. Here we conclude our 10 best terraform alternatives and similar apps. Check them out, and make sure to give us feedback in the comment section below.

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