8 Best GoodNotes Alternatives For Windows

The Note-Taking Management Software options listed below are the most often compared by users and reviews to GoodNotes. Here are some of the best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows.

Other significant elements to consider while looking for GoodNotes competitors are features and applications. We’ve collected a list of the 8 best GoodNotes Alternatives that reviewers voted on, including Notion, Microsoft OneNote, NoteLedge, and Evernote.

A list of the 8 best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows is given below:

1. Notability 

10 Best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows
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To bring your projects to life, combine handwriting, images, and typing in a single message. To record every detail, use a variety of note-taking and drawing tools. Notability also allows you to add and annotate PDFs.

It’s the ideal location for creating and organizing job, school, and life information! Experiment with various tools to produce lovely, hand-crafted notes and doodles. Scale, rotate, and recolor your ideas and sketches until they are exactly as you want them.

2. Evernote

10 Best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows
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Your observations. Organized. Effortless. Take notes wherever you go. Find information more quickly. Share your thoughts with anyone. Meeting notes, online pages, projects, to-do lists—nothing slips through the cracks with Evernote as your note-taking program.

Everything from large initiatives to intimate moments may be managed. Capture ideas and inspiration in notes, speech, and photographs. Keep track of your projects and deadlines at all times. Work, home, and anywhere else in between. Evernote’s programs and prices are tailored to your hectic schedule.


3. Roam Research

10 Best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows
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It’s as simple to use as paper. As effective as a graph database. Roam assists you in organizing your research for the long term. We feel that writing is a thinking tool.

We can assist individuals to have better thoughts and solve otherwise intractable issues if we can provide a tool that helps them write and organize their ideas more efficiently.

4. Box Notes 

10 Best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows
Image Source: box

Real-time collaboration is a crucial aspect of how we operate, whether it’s brainstorming with coworkers, sharing meeting notes with partners, or working on project plans with clients. Box Notes, an online note-taking program, also makes it easier for teams to collaborate.

Take meeting notes, plan company evaluations, or even create a newsletter from any device, using Box’s security and compliance. Box Notes makes it simple to take meeting notes.

5. Microsoft OneNote

10 Best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows
Image Source: Microsoft

Your digital notepad is Microsoft OneNote. Organize your thoughts in notebooks that may be divided into sections and pages. With simple navigation and search, you’ll always be able to find your notes exactly where you left them.


Annotate your notes with font, highlighting, or pen. You’ll never miss a burst of inspiration with OneNote on all your devices. Great minds don’t necessarily think alike, but they can collaborate and create in OneNote.

6. Nebo

10 Best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows
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With the world’s greatest write-to-text conversion, you can turn handwritten notes into professional papers. Add PDFs to your notes, annotate them, and then convert them to PDF with your annotations. Freely write and draw on an unlimited canvas, then copy content to reuse on other pages or apps.

From the boardroom to the lecture hall, from the project plan to the daily diary, Nebo makes taking notes smarter, more efficient, and more pleasurable. Take your notes with you everywhere you go.

7. Noteshelf

10 Best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows
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Take handwritten notes or type them; you have complete control over how you take your notes. Fill out paperwork, sign contracts, and make notes. Examine documents like a pro. Open numerous Noteshelf windows and work on multiple projects at the same time.

It’s convenient to have two notes side by side! Taking notes in a hurry might be tough at times, so write them down. You may listen to them at any moment, even while taking notes.

8. Hypernotes

10 Best GoodNotes Alternatives for Windows
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With Hypernotes, you can finally represent your knowledge in a natural style that is simple to produce, develop, and, maybe most importantly, simple for others to grasp. Notes, tutorials, wikis, intranets, books, scripts, articles, and research activities now have a new home.

Everything is linked. Your knowledge is the same way: it builds a network. You may simply establish a semantic network of your knowledge using Hypernotes.


Taking notes is the basic method of learning in our educational system. To some extent, taking or making notes is vital for us. Here is the wrap-up on the 10 best GoodNotes Alternatives.

Notes allow us to review vital information in less time by marking down crucial subjects or anything else. The majority of students and business professionals understand the necessity of taking notes in class. With any of the software listed above, you may easily create your own notes.

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