WeChat App Review | Chat And Make Calls

WeChat app is more than a messaging and social media platform, it enables you to add friends in various ways and connect with individuals from all over the world.

What is the WeChat App?

The primary reason for creating a social network is to stay connected with others. However, adding individuals to WeChat is not always as simple as it appears. This Chinese social networking application operates considerably differently from its counterparts but compensates with several fascinating and complicated features.

For instance, WeChat enables you to add friends in various ways and connect with individuals from all over the world. Stay with us as we examine how to make friends on WeChat.

Main Highlights

  • Communicate with pals using text, photo, audio, video, and location sharing, among other methods.
  • Create up to 500-member group conversations.
  • Make video calls in groups of up to nine people.

WeChat App Review 2022 | Chat and make calls

Features of the WeChat App

  • MORE WAYS TO CONNECT: Communicate with friends via text, photo, audio, video, and location sharing. Create up to 500-member group conversations.
  • VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: Make crystal-clear voice and video calls to and from any location. Make video calls in groups of up to nine people.
  • MOMENTS: Describe your most memorable moments. Create a Moments stream and share photographs, videos, and more.
  • STATUS: Share your status with pals to record your emotions and share a brief experience.
  • STICKER GALLERY: Search through hundreds of fun, animated stickers designed to let you express yourself in discussions, including stickers featuring your favorite cartoon and movie characters.
  • Personalized STICKERS: Add a personal touch to your conversations with custom stickers and the Selfie Stickers function.
  • LOCATION IN REAL TIME: Are you bad at communicating directions? With the click of a button, share your current location.
  • PAY: Use industry-leading mobile payment services such as Pay and Wallet (*available in some locations).
  • WeChat OUT: Make super-low-cost calls to mobile phones and landlines worldwide (*available in some locations).
  • LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Translates friends’ messages and Moments updates in 18 different languages.
  • BETTER PRIVACY: TRUSTe-certified WeChat gives you the most control over your privacy.
  • Wei Xin SERVICES CAN EXPAND YOUR WORLD: Activate Channels, Official Accounts, Mini Programs, and other Weixin-related features.

WeChat App Review

WeChat App Review 2022 | Chat and make calls

Frequently Asked Question

  • Add a Friend Using Their WeChat ID or Phone Number:

A unique ID identifies each WeChat account. If you know the person’s ID, you may immediately send them a friend request.


Navigate to the “Contacts” tab in WeChat. It’s the second of four accounts at the bottom of the screen menu.

Tap the “+” button in the top-right corner of the “Contacts” page. A drop-down menu will be displayed.

“Add Contacts” is the option.

To add a friend using their ID or phone number, tap on the top-of-the-screen search box.

Type the friend’s WeChat ID or phone number in the field provided. When finished, hit the “Search” button.


If you input the contact’s phone number correctly, the app will send you to their profile details page.

By tapping “Add,” you may send a friend request to the individual.

Reminder: Friend invitations are valid for ten days. If the individual does not answer promptly, it will expire. You are not permitted to send them another friend request that is likewise valid for ten days.

  • Add a Contact to Your Friends List by Scanning Their QR Code:

You may also add a contact to your friend’s list by scanning their QR code.

To begin, navigate to the “Contacts” page.

In the top-right corner, tap the “+” sign.

From the drop-down option, choose “Scan QR Code.”

The software will direct you to the QR Code window, where you may scan the code of the other party.

  • Allow Friends to Connect with You by Sharing Your QR Code:

Instead of scanning the QR code, you may show folks your own to invite them to be your friend.

Open WeChat and press the three-dot button in the top-right corner.

To open your profile, tap on it in the dropdown menu.

“My QR Code” should be selected. This action will display your code on the screen of your phone. Present it to the other individual so that they may scan it and add you as a friend.

WeChat App Download

WeChat App Review | Chat And Make CallsWeChat App Review | Chat And Make Calls



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