7 Best Data Visualization Tools

The Best data visualization tools enable communicating business insights to stakeholders from raw data straightforward and uncomplicated.

We live in a data-driven era. Your company won’t be able to reach its full potential without it. All the data in the world, though, won’t help your business if you don’t know what it means. Data visualization is useful in this situation. Data visualization tools take your data and present it to you as charts, graphs, and dashboards, revealing easy-to-understand insights.

The Best data visualization tools enable communicating business insights to stakeholders from raw data straightforward and uncomplicated.

What is a Data Visualization Tool?

In a nutshell, it’s software that converts data from a certain source into visual charts, graphs, tables, dashboards, and other visual displays.

Simple pie graphs to complex interactive choropleths can all be created with data visualization software. The difficulty is to find one that has all of the necessary attributes. Some tools, thankfully, are more versatile than others. Some data visualization tools are simple to use, while others require a lot of practice.

We have compiled a list of Best Data Visualization Tools to use in 2021-

1. Tableau

Tableau is a well-known data visualization tool for corporate information. Tableau’s most noticeable feature is that visualization is at the heart of everything it does. Tableau’s data visualization and analytics solutions have transformed the way businesses manage their data.

Tableau - Workforce EdTech
Image Source: Workforce EdTech


Tableau Public, in addition to offering private data analytics and visualizations for big data, organizations, and businesses, is a fantastic feature. Tableau Public is a free data visualization platform that anybody may use. Data can be manually input or imported from a spreadsheet.

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2. Visme

Visme is a data visualization application that goes beyond just data visualization. You can simply create data visualizations of all types using a full range of tools, including a graph maker, chart templates, and a data widget library.

Visme - Review 2021 - PCMag India
Image Source: PCMag India

The best thing is that you may use these visualizations in any Visme project, including proposals, presentations, reports, and infographics. Visme combines business intelligence and interactive design to enable you to build data visualizations that are not only easy to read and comprehend but also gorgeous to look at.

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3. Quire

Quire works by allowing you to organize chores and ideas into a simple to-do list that can be quickly reorganized and allocated to team members. Once tasks have been established in the app, you can use the Kanban board included in the system to graphically organize and assign them.

Quire on Twitter: "Meet the new logo of Quire. 🎊 It is leafy as a tree. 🌿🌲" / Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Quire’s beauty is that you may choose from a variety of visual representations of your worklist, such as pie charts, project summaries, and graphs. All of the essential visual representations are present, except Gantt charts, which is the platform’s one flaw.

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4. Casual

You can graphically organize your project in a variety of ways. Casual is perfect for you if you prefer to organize your files using flowcharts. If you prefer to work with flowcharts and have a project that can be represented in that format, casual is by far the best option.

Causal: your new spreadsheet for working with numbers
Image Source: casual. app

Casual is structured entirely on a single flowchart interface where you organize projects by drawing lines between tasks and assigning team members to each step in the flowchart, rather than Kanban boards or Gantt charts. 

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5. Wrike

Wrike should be on your project management shortlist if you like Gantt charts and dashboards. Wrike makes it simple to establish tasks and workflows, which can then be managed visually in the form of a Gantt chart or calendar. 

Wrike - Review 2021 - PCMag India
Image Source: PCMag India

Wrike has a nice tool that allows you to graphically define unique workflows for your project. Wrike also excels at data visualization, allowing you to create custom dashboard elements that visually depict the progress of critical project KPIs. You can examine the status of each project area at a single glance.

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6. Targetprocess

Targetprocess, which uses a dashboard approach as well as Kanban and Gantt chart styles, basically gives your project the full array of functionality. Complex task lists can be customized and reorganized, and the dashboard has a variety of data visualization views that can be added for quick progress assessment.

Support | Targetprocess - Enterprise Agility Solution
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Targetprocess is designed for agile software development projects, and its feature set and interface might be daunting. However, this solution visually depicts data in more ways than competitors and offers everything a software project manager could desire.

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7. Sisense

Sisense is a business intelligence application for visualizing data and gaining business insights. Sisense is a tool for designing dashboards. However, the tool’s capabilities are far more extensive. This data visualization tool was built to display massive volumes of data.

Data Analytics Software - Infuse Analytics Everywhere | Sisense
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The Sisense API allows developers to create analytics apps using any type of data set. Large firms in fields such as health and manufacturing will benefit greatly from this. Similarly, the platform enables business owners to construct their dashboards based on their requirements.

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With so many options available, picking the correct data visualization tool can be difficult. What you’ll need is largely determined by who will be using this product. It also allows you to conduct data analysis before viewing your data, ensuring that the insights you’re visualizing are correct.

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