Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots

In this Post, we have listed the Top 10 Apps for Drone Pilots.

Drone apps are meant to assist in a better flight experience and provide a euphoric aerial view. Among numerous applications claiming to make it best out of your flight experience, here we list the best drone apps that will give an edge to drone pilots.

Camera drones have been a regular technology assisting people in various occupations and not just photographers. Hence, drone pilot seems to emerge as a promising but very challenging career opportunity. From farm field inspection to security check purposes, an aerial view does it all.

The drone apps serve you with fly zones, altitude limits, calculations, aerial analysis, weather insights, advisories, etc. The best drone apps align with your smartphone or tablet seamlessly to bring the best out of your flight mission. 

Let’s dive into the list of Top 10 best apps for Drone Pilots-

1. AirMap 

The best in business, AirMap helps drone pilots with fly zones. Collaborating with the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) database, AirMap assures the fly zones on the map according to regulations and authorizes your flight plans within the flying limits. AirMap provides three types of advisories i.e., Red, Orange & Green. As evident, red means you can’t fly your drone in the zone.

Orange region allows your flight within the authorization suggested on the map as your flight gets authorized on the go if you don’t breach the altitude limits.


Finally, a green zone is free to fly the drone far and high. After submitting your flight request on the app, it also serves you with important aviation data such as wind speed, weather visibility, and direction of the wind. AirMap makes it mandatory to have for all drone pilots with its on-the-go and hassle-free authoring features.

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image Source: droned

2. DJI Go 4

DJI Go 4 is one app that every drone pilot banks on. This drone app provides important information and helps you know more about your aircraft and the weather around you. In-built with Google Maps, it uses satellites to inspect the region. The DJI Go 4 app brings the most out of the drone flight experience providing better visuals on your phone through the drone’s camera.

The major function of this app is to provide real-time video transmission and also line up several intelligent flight modes and camera adjustment tools. DJI Go 4 brings the best out of a compatible drone and it is that one app doing it all for the pilots on the same page.

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image Source: play.Google

3. UAV Forecast 

UAV Forecast does the weather forecast before your flight and more of it. This app helps with wind speed, numbers of locked satellites, cloud coverage, visibility and temperature on the go. The features are very handy for adjusting your flight according to the aerial conditions and help the best for small drones which can’t withstand extreme weather conditions.

As suggested by the name of the app, the forecast future predicts the change in weather and often very accurate predictions. Automated color-code analysis and theme switch features only make it better. The UAV Forecast app interface makes it simple and effective for drone pilots to plan their flight missions.

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
image Source: mavicmaniac

4. DroneDeploy 

DroneDeploy is a highly recommended app among the drone pilots community for mapping and making 3D models out of the pictures captured with their aircraft. The DroneDeploy app emphasizes the drone into power-packed tools to gather the best out of the scenes. The automated picture analysis feature is by far the best in business.

The app also provides you with heat maps, roof inspection measurements, and more. Although the app comes with a paid subscription it allows a 30-day free trial to try your hand and is surely worthy for professional drone pilots.

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image Source: drone deploy

5. Tesla Field Recorder 

Tesla Field Recorder works on a very rare program of magnetic interference. This app does good work for research and exploration purposes detecting and recording magnetic fields around and enhancing a drone’s ability to detect locations.

The app is a deal to analyze high magnetic fields that may create disturbances during the flight mission. Hence, the Tesla Field Recorder is a more important tool for location analysis and avoiding serious magnetic disturbances.

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image source: exelerus

6. Hover 

Hover is one app that does the same as any other drone app but the better part is how simple it does the same. The app provides accurate and apparent No-Fly Zones data with temporary and permanent flight restrictions.

The real-time weather prediction enhances flight efficiency and assures a safer flight planning option. Hover also precisely transforms images into 3D models with accurate and transparent estimates cutting human errors. The simple app interface with highly loaded features makes it a favorite among drone pilots.

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image Source: fromwhereidrone

7. PhotoPills

PhotoPills is the one photography planning app a drone pilot must need to consult. The app helps you plan better your photography ahead of time by suggesting the right place and angles at the right time. It makes it possible to learn the amount of light you will get around the lens to capture the best possible frame.

The app accesses the Drone View feature which allows you to adjust compositions as per the altitude once the drone is on the top. The PhotoPills app gives you an edge over capturing celestial bodies and extended landscape views. 

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image Source: expert photography

8. Sun Surveyor 

Sun Surveyor analyses the best possible altitude spot to capture the most out of the natural scenery. The app detects better spots such as “Golden Hour” & “Blue Hour” as special mentions of stages that occur specifically during a particular time and weather.

The “Golden Hour” adds a more scenic background to the frame while the “Blue Hour” emphasizes the dynamic part of the visual. The Sun Surveyor app is however complex to get used to but once you are up to it, there is no going back to your high altitude photography skills. 

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image Source: drone rush

9. Google Earth 

Google Earth is a simple but yet very important app for drone pilots travelling and exploring new places. The app ensures detailed 3D visuals of the landscape which makes it evident to judge a place way before visiting it. Google Earth adds an edge to your planning.

The app interface makes it easy to understand the geography of the region even before reaching there. Drone pilots also use this app to explore hidden places around. Hence, it is the best app to plan your flight and judge the aviation scenario.

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image Source: drone rush

10. DroneInsurance.com

Droneinsurance.com covers the flight liability risk allowing you to ensure your drone is hassle-free for as little as a day and as long as a year online. They offer drone flight coverage under various options of Base Coverage, On-demand Flight Liability Coverage, and Optional Physical Damage Protection.

As drone flights are a risky business to go without backing, Droneinsurance.com is a highly trusted platform among the drone pilots community to cover aerial liability risk with minimum fuss.

Top 10 Best Apps For Drone Pilots In 2022
Image Source: drone deploy

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