V LIVE App Review | Connect With Stars And Fans

Celebrities can use V LIVE to broadcast live videos to you. You can see what they see in real-time from anywhere in the world.

What is the V LIVE app?

V LIVE sends you video feeds from celebrities. You can see what they see in real time from anywhere in the world. Communicate with your favorite celebrity and the rest of your fans. When your star leaves comments and likes, you can respond and like them back. During your favorite celebrity’s live broadcasts, you can watch live moments and send chat messages and hearts to them.

View each star member’s updates and their posts and photos, and leave a fan letter. Keep an eye on all schedules, including live broadcasts, concerts, and birthdays, so you never miss out on your favorite celebrity’s upcoming events. There are unique benefits for fans in this app. You can take advantage of the advantages that your star has planned for you, such as a Welcome Kit, early ticketing, and so on.

Main Highlights

  • Follow the star’s progress and connect with other fans all over the world.
  • During live broadcasts, you’ll be surprised by your celebrity’s special moments.
  • View each celebrity’s most recent updates.
V LIVE App Review 2022 | Connect with Stars and Fans
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Features of the V LIVE App

  • Follow the star’s progress and connect with other fans all over the world.
  • Examine your celebrity’s likes and comments to gain a better understanding of them.
  • During live broadcasts, you’ll be surprised by your celebrity’s special moments.
  • You can send live chat messages and hearts to your star from anywhere in the world.
  • Examine each member’s posts and photos, and then leave a fan letter.
  • Examine all upcoming events, including live broadcasts, concerts, and birthdays.
  • Join your favorite star’s MEMBERSHIP and benefit from perks like a Welcome Kit and early ticketing.

About V LIVE App Subscription

  • You can sign up for membership in the app.
  • The monthly subscription fee varies according to the membership product. More information is available on the product purchase page.
  • Period: After a one-month auto-renewal/purchase, you can manage the subscription and auto-renewal through iTunes Account Settings.

V LIVE App Reviews

V LIVE App Review 2022 | Connect with Stars and Fans
Image Source: appedus

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is the V Coin?

V Coin is a one-of-a-kind currency that can be used to buy V LIVE content.

V Coins can be used to purchase content that accepts them as payment.

  • How do I get and use V Coins?

The operating system you are using determines whether or not you can buy and use V Coins. You can purchase new V Coins on iOS.


V Coins purchased for iOS should be used only on iOS. 

You cannot buy new V Coins on desktop or mobile. Only V Coins purchased or earned through events in the desktop or Android operating systems can be checked and used in the following scenarios:

Conditions- You can use V Coins to purchase content if the value of your V Coins exceeds the price of the content you want to buy.

When you have fewer V Coins than the price of the content, you want to buy -> You only need to pay the difference after you’ve used all of your coins.

V LIVE+ videos purchased with V Coins can be viewed in the V app and the web browsers listed below.


V Coins cost approximately USD 1 for 50 coins.

Please keep in mind that the actual price may vary depending on your location due to different selling policies in each region. V Coins can only be obtained through the purchase of V LIVE units. Inquiries about assets will be based on the unit you initially purchased.

  • How Do I Request a Cancellation/Refund for V LIVE+?

V LIVE offers refunds on V LIVE+ products, except in the following cases:

After seven days (withdrawal period) from the date of purchase. Whether the 7-day withdrawal period has yet to expire, the user has already watched at least some of the videos included in the purchased product.

Take into account the following:

When you refund a product, V coins will be returned to the account you purchased it, based on the product price, or you will receive a partial refund. If you have already used some of the product, you will be given V coins or a partial refund for the unused portion of the product. When you return a product, all of the other benefits that come with it are forfeited without further notice.

  • What Is the Best Way to Manage Paid Product Devices (Clear Device Registrations)?

Users who access our service through PCs, smartphones, and tablets can stream paid videos to up to five devices simultaneously with V LIVE. You may continue to use the service on additional devices after resetting the registered devices if you have reached the maximum number of devices allowed for registration.

The number of supported registered devices. Up to 5 devices are allowed, with no distinction made between PCs and smartphones.

  • How can I get rid of the device registrations?

Go to More > Manage Devices to clear the list.

After completing a reset, you can only Clear List once per quarter, and another reset is not possible until the quarter has ended.

(Once a year, in January, March, April, June, July-September, and October-December.)

Note about paid product device management: Your device information is automatically registered when you watch or download produced videos from the mobile app. Only paid products, not paid videos, have a device limit.

You must first reset the device registrations to register a new device alongside five other devices.

The account’s purchase history will be unaffected by clearing the device registration list, but paid video downloads on old devices will be deleted. Paid video downloads that have been deleted can be re-downloaded from the V LIVE+ product that was purchased.

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