10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.

Bill reminder apps help you set reminders for payment of bills prior to the due date so that you do not have to miss the due date for the bill payments. Here are some of the best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android and iOS.

What if I tell you that you don’t have to break your head to make payments. Yes! You heard me right, no more late bill payments and no more late fees. Have you missed your bill payments? Millennials today own multiple cards and accounts which makes it all the harder to keep a track of spendings. So if you are tired of all the fuss of maintaining your finances and are on the lookout for an application which does it all for you, congratulations you’re in the right spot. In this post we are going to look at some of the best Bill Reminders Apps for you to try.

Let these amazing bill reminder apps do it for you. Here are 10 best bill reminder apps curated not only to remind you to pay your credit bills but also help you do your finances hassle free, they will keep a track of all your deadlines and bill payments. These apps are the best for Android and iOS and also are the best bill reminders apps available in the market.



Bills reminder is hands down one of the best bill reminder apps out there. It provides great financial assistance. This application sends out daily payment reminders. Helps keep an eye on payment history and advanced repeating options. Not only that, Bills reminder lets users make partial and full payment.

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
Image Source: googleplay

The application is available in both dark and light themes. It offers a different viewing option, like overdue, monthly due or custom view. Bills reminder has a back up system which restores the data in case there is a change of devices. It lets its users manage multiple categories with the availability of multiple currencies and languages.


Money lovers help you put your income, financial transactions, debts and invoices in a precise manner. It is an award winning app for managing personal finances. It has multiple features like budgeting, reporting and forecasting budgets which will help you not only to set reminders for your bill payments but also let you manage finances in one place.

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
Image Source: googleplay

Money management becomes easy as you can categorize income and expenses. It offers an alert assistant which helps in keeping a check on your expenses. It offers a built in calculator, data syncing and currency converter. It offers categories for debts and bills.


Tracking expenses was never this easy as  Wallet lets you organize, record and report expenses made on a daily basis.  A user can set reminders to make payments well in advance to avoid late fee payment. Users can save financial reports without fear of losing the reports as the application is cloud synchronised. Wallet works very well as a personal financial manager.

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
Image Source: budgetbakers

Wallet lets you plan your long term finances. The unique feature of Wallet is that it lets you share a single account with persons that you want to share it with, its a good application for couples. Makes automatic bank updates and planned payments. Organises the financial overview in an easy to understand manner.

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One of the most easy to manage bills reminder app. It helps track spending, manage money/ income and save. Mobills helps you create a monthly budget plan so that you do not overspend. Its a multifunctional with a super simple and clear interface.

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
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The best feature about this app is that it works without the internet. It features an app calculator, calendar, multiple currencies and passcode security. This application also offers dark and light modes.


One of the most popular bill reminder apps. Offers a simple interface. Notifies you to pay before and on the particular due date. Helps you save money and gives tips on how to save money. Let’s users easily add, edit or delete data from the expenses. 

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
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Budgeting becomes very easy as it lets you keep an eye on your expenses and income. One single user can use multiple accounts at once. Widgets help instantly access previous expenditures. Passcodes help protect the account.


Helps keep you from overdue bills and save money from late payment charges. A user can add budget and expenses to compare and track. Has a widget just to track savings. Has a flexible time frame for scheduling payments. 

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
Image Source: windowsreport

Spending tracker can track expenses on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Interactive charts to visualise financial conditions so that you can track your finances. It offers different categories for different financial needs. Additionally, it backs up everything into Dropbox.

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Prism is one of the versatile finance apps from bills reminders to paying bills and to manage personal finances. No need to worry about paying bills late as reminders come in standard and bills payment alerts. Easy to manage debt and income with account balance in one application.

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
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Automatic bill tracker is a great feature that allows you to view bills, payment history and due dates. Graphs of personal expenses are curated in the application which is easy to understand aside from exclusive payment options. Multipurpose application with different types of functionalities. 


If you want a super simple payment reminder which is hassle free Mint is for you. Easily set reminders to make payments. A very easy to use interface. It also helps track expenses and income so that the user has a track of both. 

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
Image Source: mint

Mint helps you keep a track on all of your transactions be it a card or a bank account. It mentions a user’s credit score and also helps the user keep a healthy financial condition. It provides a breakdown of factors that contribute to the credit score and help you improve it. 

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Most of the apps in this category are for individual use. Spendee, on the other hand, allows a user to create a shared wallet with friends and family. Not only that this application lets you manage expenses together with family and friends and you can also create a budget with them. 

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
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You can categorize all your transactions. Create monthly budgets easily. Spendee allows budgeting for each category, helping you stay within budget. Reminds you to pay bills and avoid late fees by sending multiple notifications. Easy for couples to use for their financial needs.


A great app for bill reminders. Helps you take notes and create financial tasks. You can simply put in your payment details and set reminder dates and the app will schedule the payment. It synchronizes PC/laptop and smartphone.

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Install In Android And iOS.
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It notifies all the logged in devices. Let’s document management of previously made payments. Allows editing, changing and deletion of documents. Evernote has a very easy to use interface.


The current pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons and one of those lessons is to manage finances wisely. An individual will have complete control over their finances using the apps listed above. All the apps listed above are the best across both Android and iOS. Many of these apps not only work as bills reminders but in addition they work as budget planners, save money and a lot of other features. Try these best bill reminder apps out and let us know which is your favourite of them all.

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