Withings Health Mate App Review | Health and Fitness Platform

Withings Health Mate App lets you track your daily activity and training sessions automatically with in-depth insights including steps, heart rate, and multisport tracking.

What is the Withings Health Mate app?

WITHINGS develops devices embedded in ordinary things that link to a proprietary app and serve as effective daily health check-ups and tools to assist in achieving long-term health objectives. Through a decade of knowledge, our team of engineers, physicians, and health experts develops the world’s most efficient gadgets for tracking and analyzing anyone’s vitals.

Main Highlights

  • Understanding your data is beneficial, but understanding how to analyze it is much better.
  • Health Mate now has a voice and will highlight data that is particularly pertinent to your health and will enrich your experience with a scientific analysis of this data.
  • All findings, along with normalcy ranges and color-coded comments, are shown clearly, so you always know where you stand.

Withings Health Mate App Review 2022 | Health and Fitness Platform


Features of Withings Health Mate App

  • Track your daily activity and training sessions automatically with in-depth insights including steps, heart rate, multisport tracking, linked GPS, and fitness level evaluation.
  • With enhanced insights into your weight, weight trends, BMI, and body composition, you can achieve your weight objectives.
  • Improve your evenings with sleep laboratory-quality data (sleep cycles, sleep score, heart rate, snoring, and more) and learn about sleep apnea, a highly prevalent and underdiagnosed disorder.
  • Track hypertension at home with medically accurate systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, as well as data you may share with your doctor to monitor treatment efficacy.
  • Through pulse wave velocity, detect the development of chronic disorders such as abnormal heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation, valvular heart disease, and overall arterial health.
  • For a complete view of your health in the palm of your hand, there is just one app for all Withings products.

Withings Health Mate App Review

Withings Health Mate App Review 2022 | Health and Fitness Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does two-factor authentication work?

2FA’s efficacy is predicated on the notion that access to your account should be based on two factors: something you know and something you have.


Usually, the item you know is your password. Your first line of defense should be a strong, unique password. However, even the strongest passwords are ineffective if they get into the wrong hands. In other circumstances, it might be the shortcode you receive through email that you use to log in to your account instead of a password.

Withings allows you to add a phone number for usage with two-factor authentication. This is what you have. Even if someone knows your password, they cannot access your account unless they also have access to your mobile device.

Please keep in mind that if you change your phone number, you must update it in the Health Mate app’s account settings to ensure that you continue to get the codes through SMS.

  • Why should you use two-factor authentication?

2FA is a solid security technique that guards against account breaches and keeps your information secure. Using two-factor authentication for your account is one of the most critical things you can do to keep your data private since it significantly increases the difficulty of information falling into the wrong hands.

  • My password has already been made safe and one-of-a-kind. Why am I required to implement two-factor authentication?

While this is an additional step when signing in, it goes a long way toward safeguarding your account – particularly when it comes to protecting private health information. Without 2FA, if someone obtains your password or gains access to your mailbox, they may also get access to your data. This becomes even more difficult with 2FA, as only you have access to both your phone and your password, the two factors necessary to log in.

  • I am without a mobile phone. Can I use two-factor authentication?

At the moment, Withings only supports two-factor authentication through an SMS code. As a result, you must be able to receive this SMS in order to activate the 2FA function.

  • I established my account prior to the availability of two-factor authentication. Is it still possible to enable it?

Yes! All you have to do is enable it in your account settings (Health Mate > Profile > (upper right-hand corner of your screen) > Two-factor authentication > SMS). Please keep in mind that you must have a valid phone number in order to do so.

Nota bene: 2FA is not accessible for all Withings applications (Thermo, WithBaby, Withings Home Security Camera, WiScale). To access your account from such applications, you must disable 2FA.

  • What if I am unable to access my phone?

You must use the recovery code that was emailed to you when 2FA was activated. The recovery code will enable you to log in securely, and you’ll be prompted to create a new phone number for your two-factor authentication. Additionally, you may get the code from within the Health Mate app at a later time: Account & Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Account Recovery and press Recovery Code.

Withings Health Mate App Download

Withings Health Mate App Review | Health and Fitness PlatformWithings Health Mate App Review | Health and Fitness Platform



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