How To Share Your Live Location On Snapchat

Steps to share your live location on Snapchat with your friends or to your Snapchat buddy. Here we will show how to share your live location on Snapchat.

You may quickly transmit your position on Snapchat to your pals, whether you want to share the location of your favorite restaurant or the address of your new residence. In this article, we will have a look at how to share your live location on Snapchat

Snapchat now allows you to share your current location with your pals. The functionality is now available to all Android and iOS users. Previously, there was just one choice for sharing your location with all of your friends or just one of them. However, you may now share your current position with pals for up to eight hours. Let’s look at how to broadcast your live location on Snapchat in this article.

Snapchat’s run of new features continues, as the photo-sharing social media app now allows you to share your current location with others. This feature will enable a “buddy system” by allowing you to share your real-time whereabouts with others, and by others, Snapchat refers to friends and family.

You may do this using Snap Map, and the first time you use the app function, you will be prompted to choose who you wish to share your whereabouts with. You have the option of sharing your location with your mutual friends, a list of friends with exceptions, or a limited group of carefully selected pals.

 How To Share Your Live Location On Snapchat
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To communicate your location to a common Snapchat buddy, go to your conversation history in your friend list. Once there, you have the option of sending your location or requesting your friend’s. Once you’ve sent it, the Snap Map will refresh, and your position will display in your private chat history. Locations go inactive after a few hours or when you enter Ghost Mode.


Live Location Sharing Reaches Snapchat

Snapchat has added the ability to suspend location sharing to address privacy concerns such as stalking. Furthermore, it is only viewable to common friends and not to everyone you add to Snapchat. It’s also disclosed that the function is off by default, and you’ll have to turn it on manually to start broadcasting your position in real time.

You may locate it by tapping on a Snapchat friend’s profile and looking for the new Live Location option. It’s as simple as enabling all, deciding on a time frame, and that’s it.

The live location sharing status will run within the chat itself, allowing your friend to follow your whereabouts in case he or she wants to make sure you don’t get lost or arrive home safely after a wonderful night out.

 How To Share Your Live Location On Snapchat
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Snapchat’s new live-location sharing function is an expansion of the Snap Map tool, which lets people know where you are. This functionality, however, was confined to an approximate position and did not automatically refresh in the background. People may also choose when they wish to share their location with others using Snap Map.

Here’s how to send your coordinates-

  1. Launch the Snapchat app.
  2. On the Chat screen, swipe left to see a list of your Friends.
  3. Tap and hold the name of the buddy or group from which you wish to share or receive location data.
  4. Tap their username, followed by the “View Friendship” header. If you submit your location to a group, it will instead read “View Group.”
  5. Scroll down until you see the Snap Map, which will display the location of that person (if they’ve permitted you access).
     How To Share Your Live Location On Snapchat
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  6. The option to “Send My Location” is located beneath the map. To send, tap this.
  7. “Location Sent!” will be added to the label.
  8. Your position will be displayed as a brief preview of the map in the discussion.

Snapchat’s new real-time location-sharing function is comparable to WhatsApp’s live location feature, as well as the iOS Find My app. You may share your location with others for 15 minutes to 8 hours using the Snapchat function. Here is a wrap-up on how to share your live location on Snapchat. Make sure to check it out.


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