How to Boot Android 12L on your x86 PC

The community of custom ROM developers has been thriving for years because of Android's Linux open-source-based foundation. Here’s how to Boot Android 12L on your x86 PC.

Android’s open-source nature allows users to customize the operating system to their specific requirements. Bliss ROMs, for example, maintain a version of Android for the ancient x86 platform called Bliss OS. The project has now reached its next milestone, with the first Android 12L beta release being available for download on virtual machines and PCs.

How to Boot Android 12L on your x86 PC

Notably, there were two Bliss OS 15 alpha releases based on Android 12 released in December of last year. While the Bliss OS codebase is being rebased on Android 12L, Jon West, aka XDA Recognized Contributor electrikjesus, has posted a work-in-progress vanilla Android-x86 version that shows the first peek of vanilla Android 12L operating on a PC. The maintainers now believe the Android-x86 release is ready for popular PC settings, therefore the first beta build is available.

Apart from the usual new features, Android 12L has also improved compatibility with desktop hardware by incorporating extra drivers and UI improvements. Although the Android-x86 project has always maintained a similar resemblance to stock Android, this custom release offers a desktop mode launcher as an alternate launcher that should be more suited for use with a keyboard and mouse.

Bliss OS team brings Android 12L for x86 PCs

The installation process is optimized for a UEFI-based environment with a GUID partition table (GPT) file system, although advanced users can tweak the GRUB options to let it boot on legacy platforms. The Play Store and other Google services are preinstalled in the build, so there’s no need to flash a separate GApps package.

The following is the complete changelog for the initial beta release:

  • Added Smart Dock (Desktop Mode Launcher)
  • Updated to Linux Kernel 5.10.70 (with kernel-SU)
  • Updated to Mesa 22.0.0 (meson build)
  • Added new grub entries for graphics options
  • Added Google Play Store (GMS/Gapps)
  • Fixes for libndk-translation for arm & arm64
  • Updates to media packages for wider support through libva and omx

Visit Bliss OS’s official website to try out Android 12L on your PC and read more about the project. Because installing Android on a PC is more difficult than flashing a ROM on a phone, the creators insist that you pass a short test before downloading the ISO package. Regardless, the exact download link is provided below; however, before getting your hands dirty, do your research and thoroughly read the installation instructions.

Source: XDA Developers

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