Youtube Vanced App, Which Provide Premium Features For Free, Has Been Discontinued

Vanced's makers, formerly known as YouTube Vanced app, recently announced on their official Telegram channel and Twitter that the app is being stopped "for legal concerns." Although the creators did not provide a precise reason, it is assumed that it is due to Google.

If you own an Android device, I’m sure you’ve used or heard of the YouTube Vanced app. It is a modified version of the official YouTube app for Android that provides many of YouTube’s premium features, such as ad-free videos, background playback, and others, for free. Regrettably, for those who were frequent customers, there is some terrible news: Vanced is presently ceasing operations. This is what occurred.

The creators of Vanced have just stated that “it’s something we need to do.” However, according to The Media Outlets, the proprietors of Vanced got a cease and desist notice from Google. This might be due to the app’s inclusion of YouTube’s premium features such as ad-free videos, background playback, and the dislike meter, which was removed from all videos on YouTube last year. Vanced provided these capabilities for free, in contrast to YouTube’s official site, which requires a Premium subscription fee to access such features.

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To recall, the firm recently changed its name to “vanced” and dropped the YouTube appellation from its brand name, as well as from most locations on its website and social media platforms. It might have been done to prevent Google from shutting it down, as it did with the popular Discord-based music bot Groovy last year. However, it finally gave in to Google’s legal team.

The creators said that the current versions of Vanced will continue to function normally. However, customers will no longer receive app upgrades in the future. As a result, it will be obsolete for existing users within the next two years. So, if you already have Vanced loaded on your Android device, make use of its services while they last.


For many fans, this will still be a significant disappointment. We conducted a poll earlier this month and discovered that 60% of over 12,000 respondents subscribed to YouTube Premium. However, 40% of those questioned were not subscribers and opted to utilize alternatives such as YouTube Vanced and/or ad-blocking software instead.


For what it’s worth, there are still a number of unauthorized YouTube applications for Android that offer capabilities such as background video listening (such as Newpipe). So, ideally, this elimination will encourage further app development in this arena. For the time being, let’s pour one for YouTube Vanced.

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Meanwhile, YouTube’s Android app is getting video transcriptions. Users no longer need to be seated in front of a computer to scroll through a script with this new functionality. Once it’s available, people may access it by clicking the “Show Transcript” button located below a video’s enlarged description, wedged between any offered chapters and any suggested uploads from the channel. These transcript choices look to be quite similar to what has been offered on the desktop for some time now but have been adapted for a mobile-friendly UI.


They take it down as they were forced by google as they were providing those features which Google stopped providing on Youtube last year and this app was providing all those features for free which was a problem for Google as it affects it Youtube as people won’t pay money for the things which they can get free from somewhere else, so it was affecting google business and they forced them to remove it. As a result, in the next two years, the YouTube Advanced app will become obsolete for existing users. So, if you already have Vanced installed on your Android device, make use of its features while they last. Also, let us know what you think about Vanced being shut down for good in the comments section below.

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