9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking

Interested in learning more about the best programming languages for ethical hacking? Okay, continue reading to discover what these languages are.

To be honest, when you think about hacking, the first thing that comes to mind is probably hitting one button and hacking the entire Google. Right? Get this: hackers spend a significant amount of time behind a computer working on various programs. This article explores some of the best programming languages for ethical hacking.

These codes then allow them to have access to the many fields that they wish to hack. As a result, learning the various programming languages is the most critical step in becoming an ethical hacker.

Target System’s Working Nature

Believe it or not, before carrying out any exploit, you must first understand how the target system or application works.

Consider this: if the victim is a web system written in HTML, Javascript, or Python, prior knowledge of the three languages would be advantageous. This will teach you exactly what to search for and what types of exploits to use. 

Scripting As you can see, you’ll be developing scripts or malware to employ on your victim. Though there are scripts available that execute attacks, you may need to use your own abilities in case a script does not fit your expectations or requirements.


Best Programming Languages for Ethical Hacking:

1. Python 

I’ll be honest. It’s no surprise that Python is at the top of this list.

Python is a dynamic, general-purpose programming language that is also known as the de facto hacker programming language.

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: sparking

Python is used for a variety of tasks, including checking the integrity of corporate servers and creating automation programs.

The truth is that, of all the programming languages used in ethical hacking, Python is the one that will make you socially active among your other hacker pals.

2. Java 

Currently, Java is one of the most extensively used programming languages, running on a broad range of devices, including yours.

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: programmerskills

To demonstrate its cross-platform capabilities, the tagline “write once, run everywhere” is employed. Because Java is ubiquitous, it’s no surprise that it’s widely used in hacking. Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language with LOW implementation dependencies.

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3. SQL

The Standard Query Language (SQL) is a computer language that is used to do the following:

Organise, add, retrieve, delete, and edit data in a database.

You can understand why SQL is one of the best programming languages for ethical hacking right away.

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: learn SQL

SQL is essential for data management in a database management system… or for stream processing in a data stream management system. Furthermore, having strong SQL knowledge allows you to comprehend the structure and operation of a database.

With this knowledge, your job will be streamlined since you will know exactly which scripts or tools to use. However, you should bear in mind that, while SQL is a programming language for hacking, it also serves as the gatekeeper who provides access.

4. C++ 

This is a high-level programming language that is frequently used to hack or reverse-engineer business software.

So, if you’ve ever considered cracking business software, you should devote some time to learning C++.

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: sparc

This language, like the C programming language, provides low-level access to system resources and analyses the machine code of such applications. You can use C++ to get around the activation strategy that is built into these programs.

Look, if you’re interested in attacking desktop software and reverse engineering it, C++ will come in handy.

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5. C 

C programming, commonly known as the “mother of all programming languages,” is a popular language in the hacking world.

Did you know that the majority of today’s operating systems are built on the C programming language?

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: Art skill

Well, everything from Windows to Linux to the Unix kernel and its distributions is built on the C programming language.

Despite the fact that C is a low-level programming language, it can readily modify and access hardware components such as RAM. Its low-level nature offers it an edge over most other languages.

It should be noted that C is well-known for producing highly quick exploits that run at a lower level of the system.

6. PHP 

The Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a server-side programming language that is integrated into HTML and is used to create web pages.

PHP is a dynamic programming language that has been used to build CMS such as WordPress and Drupal.

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: thehackernews

Because WordPress supports a large number of websites, having a strong understanding of PHP can help you safeguard or damage these sites.

PHP may assist with object injection, which is an application-level vulnerability that grants you the power to conduct a variety of operations.

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7. Ruby 

For a long time, this has been one of the greatest programming languages used for exploitation.

Ruby is a web-focused programming language that is comparable to Python in syntax and is one of the best languages for hacking multi-purpose corporate systems.

Ruby allows you to easily automate applications and provides enhanced flexibility while building vulnerabilities. The following are some of the benefits of using Ruby:

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: Pinterest

It is simpler to develop functional code and chain instructions. Object Orientation That Is Consistent, You may easily open a class and simply add a method to it with less coding and better clarity. Every method inherently accepts an anonymous block.

8. Perl 

Even while Perl is no longer as well-known as it once was, it still serves a useful purpose in the hacker community. It is a set of two high-level, interpreted, dynamic programming languages developed largely for text editing.

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: topfree-books

Despite losing its allure, this language is like an old rusted weapon that nonetheless keeps a large number of corporate tools busy. Perl includes web databases. So if you can master it, you can simply break into it.

Perl, being a general-purpose language designed for novices, can denote two things:

For starters, it allows users to enter anything they want into it with no limits.

Second, newcomers may rapidly get started with the genuine thing.

9. Bash 

Because it is the default command shell for Unix and all Linux distributions, this programming language couldn’t be left out of this list of the finest programming languages for ethical hacking.

Having said that, keep in mind that Linux powers the vast majority of internet servers.

9 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking
Image Source: eazylinux

Look, you can utilize bash in conjunction with other programming languages, like Python, to improve the usefulness of your exploits or payloads.

You could, for example, construct Python code that covers a Bash script. When the Python code is executed on a victim’s computer, it immediately executes the Bash script.


You should not restrict yourself to one programming language if you want to become a skilled ethical hacker. Surprisingly, hacking is considered more of an art than a science. And the most basic reality is that you must have a solid grasp of computer technology, including networking, databases, and so on.

This is due to the fact that various systems necessitate distinct attack paths and vulnerabilities. Hope you liked this list of the best programming languages for ethical hacking.

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