Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try

Airtable is one of the most popular project management and cloud collaboration systems, but its hefty cost is prompting customers to seek less expensive alternatives. In this post, we will fill you up with the top 8 Airtable Alternatives

The nicest part about programs like Airtable is how straightforward, intuitive, and simple they are to use. However, the problem is that their usefulness is restricted, which is why teams must begin searching for alternatives. So, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the ten top Airtable Alternatives that are less expensive, provide free cloud storage, have a user-friendly UI, and handle relational databases. 

We focused on systems that offer speed, versatility, automation, and plugin support, among other things, while preparing this list. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top Airtable alternatives, which include some self-hosted and open-source applications.

It appears that you may benefit from something better, such as Airtable alternatives. Without a doubt, Airtable is a popular data and project management tool, and many businesses rely on it because of its simple, user-friendly layout.

However, it appears that being well-liked by the general public does not make Airtable the ideal option. Users have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with Airtable owing to its restricted capabilities. As a result, they are continually on the hunt for Airtable alternatives.

Let’s have a peek at our top 8 Airtable Alternatives:

1. Notion

The notion is my first pick if you’re searching for a cloud collaboration platform that’s similar to Airtable. It’s more than simply a spreadsheet manager; it’s a centralized workplace for large and small groups.


You may add people to your team, exchange documents, assign tasks, build wikis, launch campaigns, and link third-party applications. There are a variety of templates to pick from, and you may sort projects by owner, status, calendar, and other criteria.

Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try
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It also has drag-and-drop functionality, similar to Airtable, so you can manage tasks and move projects to progress or completion with ease. It has a similar UI to Airtable and offers a lot of similar capabilities. What I enjoy best about Notion is that it allows you to customize pre-made templates to fit your needs without having to worry about coding.

It also has APIs that link to social media channels, Slack, platforms like Hootsuite, and more if you want to automate tasks. Overall, Notion offers a lot more than Airtable for half the price, and you should give it a try.

2. Asana

Asana is the second-best Airtable replacement, especially if you need a platform that can expand for larger teams without losing track of the roadmap, projects, campaigns, and so on. It contains a slew of other tools that might assist you in keeping track of team members’ duties and progress.

Asana has additional views than Airtable, including a List, Board, Timeline, Calendar, Progress, Workload, and more. Airtable, on the other hand, has Grid, Kanban, Calendar, Gallery, and other features.

Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try
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Asana also has advanced search, progress reporting, and portfolio management capabilities, which Airtable lacks. The best thing is that there are no additional fees for data storage with Asana. You have limitless storage and access to the activity logs from the previous several days.

Integration with third-party products such as Slack, Google, Microsoft Office, and others is also possible. To summarise, Asana is easy to use and may assist you in planning and structuring your workflow, resulting in increased productivity.

3. Zenkit

Like Airtable, Zenkit is a project management package with a sophisticated foundation that may provide insight into your process. There’s a lot more to it than just spreadsheets and databases. With several layouts, task reminders, and multiple data views, Zenkit allows you to tailor your tasks.

Zenkit, unlike Airtable, allows you to view projects and data in a variety of ways, including Calendar View, Kanban View, ListView, Mindmap View, Wiki View, and more. There’s also Gantt chart support, which Airtable doesn’t have.

Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try
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Zenkit’s task management feature allows you to conduct activities in bulk, which is a significant plus for larger teams. There’s also the global search function, workload monitoring, and so on. In addition, Zenkit includes a To-Do app, Hypernotes, and a messaging app. To summarise, Zenkit is a fantastic Airtable replacement that can handle all of your project management needs. For better conceptualizing, use the mindmap view.

4. ClickUp

With no-code project management, ClickUp is a good alternative to Airtable. It provides a centralized workspace where you can create projects, manage progress, and interact with your colleagues.

It, like Airtable, offers resource management, real-time reporting, goal reminders, and much more to provide a productivity-driven package. Spreadsheets may be managed in various ways, including drag-and-drop, timetable management, workload view, and more.

Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try
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To keep track of a project or a plan, ClickUp has a Goals tool. Then there’s support for a relational database, which allows you to retrieve data from one database, combine it with another, and sync the two databases effortlessly. More than 100 third-party products may also be used to develop a conditional automation workflow.

Customizable board display, Docs and notes, configurable roles, API compatibility, Team chat, workload view, and more creative features are available. Overall, ClickUp is a worthy Airtable replacement that I strongly advise you to check out right now.

5. Coda 

Coda is a popular platform for storing all of your work in a single document. Coda’s main selling point is that its projects, documents, and spreadsheets can all be implemented without writing any code. You can transform a document with tables into a database with a single click using its doc with tables functionality.

The Lookup tool, on the other hand, allows you to join tables and graphically see data from a variety of sources. Finally, it provides you with hundreds of templates to select from, whether it’s for a campaign, a roadmap, or project tracking.

Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try
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Coda is also significantly less expensive than Airtable in terms of cost. For example, if you have a team of ten people, Airtable would cost you roughly $150, but Coda will cost you less than $100.

Coda, in my opinion, is a fantastic and less expensive alternative to Airtable since it supports third-party tools, cross-tables, forms, and revision history.

6. Trello 

I would use Trello over Airtable if you have a small staff. It’s a fantastic collaboration software that allows you to keep track of all your tasks and get things done quickly. The nicest thing about Trello is that it has a simple user interface and an easy onboarding procedure.

Trello may not be as feature-rich as Airtable, but it nails the essentials like work scheduling, shared team calendars, task prioritizing, and more.

Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try
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While both Trello and Airtable have Kanban-style displays, Trello provides the greatest experience. The task card interface management is excellent, with features like checks, labeling, and threading. To summarise, Trello is a simple project management tool that might be a feasible option for small enterprises.

7. SeaTable

If you’re seeking a self-hosted alternative to Airtable, SeaTable is the right tool for the job. SeaTable’s on-premise, self-hosted solution is highly popular because of the solid architecture it offers.

It also supports cloud alternatives. You may pick where your data is stored and who has access to it, whether on a Linux or Windows server. In reality, SeaTable’s free edition includes 2000 rows and 1GB of data storage at no cost.

Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try

When it comes to automation, SeaTable allows you to write scripts for certain workflows. You may use its repository to link 100+ plugins and get things done quickly. Not to add, it helps with repetitive tasks. As previously said, SeaTable is a strong deployment tool. In comparison to Airtable, SeaTable allows you to generate more than 50,000 rows, which is incredible. Overall, SeaTable is a fantastic choice for consumers searching for a self-hosted Airtable alternative.

8. Baserow

Baserow is the number one choice if you’re seeking the greatest open-source alternative to Airtable. It’s less expensive than Baserow, and you may install it on your server at no additional expense. It also implies you won’t be tied to a single provider and will be able to choose between servers. You may make custom plugins, templates, and rows as long as you like, as well as use the hosted SaaS version.

Top 8 Airtable Alternatives For You To Try
Image Source: GitLab

Basedow’s database management system has a comparable user interface to Airtable, so if you’re going to migrate, you’ll have no trouble using it. Because Baserow is hosted on your server, it offers unrivaled performance and versatility compared to Airtable. To summarise, Baserow is an excellent solution for customers searching for an open-source alternative to Airtable.

So there you have it, the top ten Airtable alternatives. Almost all project management services provide high dependability, quick communication across tables, numerous views, and additional features such as wikis, notes, charts, and so on. If you’re looking for a self-hosted or open-source alternative to Airtable, we’ve provided those options as well. That’s all we’ve got from us.

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