7 Best Google Authenticator Alternatives For Android And iOS

Google Authenticator is usually considered the best option for generating two-step verification codes. Here are the best Google authenticator alternatives for Android and iOS.

Google Authenticator is one of the best tools for generating codes, allowing you to complete the two-step verification process while signing in to an online account. Leaks and breaches in recent years have demonstrated that passwords alone are insufficient to safeguard your online bank account or social media accounts. This article explores the 7 best Google authenticator alternatives for Android and iOS.

Two-factor authentication (2FA or MFA, for multifactor authentication) offers an extra layer of security, and PCMag authors routinely encourage our readers to utilize it.

Authy, Google Authenticator, and Microsoft Authenticator, for example, provide one of the more secure kinds of 2FA. Using one of these programs can even protect you against covert threats such as stalkerware.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

As the name says, it is simply utilizing more than one password to access your online account or app—adding additional factors in addition to the password. Experts divide authentication elements into three categories: something you know (such as a password), something you have (such as a physical object), and something you are (a fingerprint or other biometric trait). When you utilize one of the authenticator applications listed below, you supplement your known password with a token, smartphone, or wristwatch.

Best Google Authenticator Alternatives:

1. Authy

Authy provides powerful two-factor authentication. It protects your account by creating 2-step verification tokens on both Android and iOS devices. This is what you will require to keep hackers away. The additional security layer compels hackers to bypass the second barrier of defense before gaining access to your account.

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This is the finest Google Authenticator alternative since it has so many features. Authy enables safe cloud backups, allowing you to retrieve tokens at any moment. The backups are encrypted, so a third party cannot access them. This app’s algorithm is the same as that used by banks and the NSA.

Authy enables multi-device synchronization in addition to safe cloud backups, so you don’t have to rescan fresh QR codes every time you wish to add them to your smartphone. This authenticator also provides offline tokens, which allow you to authenticate even if you don’t have an internet connection. Most internet accounts, including Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail, and many more, may be accessed safely.

2. Lastpass Authenticator

Separate from its popular password manager, LastPass’s Authenticator app is a decent 2FA option, especially for those who are already familiar with the LastPass ecosystem. The app is TOTP compliant and is accessible for all apps and websites that accept Google Authenticator. That means you may manage all of your services straight from your Android or iPhone/iPad.

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Push notification-based authentication is a useful differentiator that already works with prominent services like Amazon, Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, and others. The program itself is free to download. Logging in requires your current LastPass account and password, or you may create one from scratch. LastPass Authenticator also includes SMS and QR codes, providing it with an extensive feature set that makes it a great alternative to Google’s product.

3. Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is one of the greatest Google Authenticator alternatives. Microsoft Authenticator provides simple and convenient two-factor authentication. This program works effectively to add a second layer of protection to your Android or iOS smartphone. All of your Microsoft products and services are available after you log in.

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This authenticator allows you to add several accounts, like Amazon, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and many more, for added ease. It also supports TOPT, allowing you to keep all of your internet accounts secure. It’s basic, straightforward, and safe.

Microsoft adds Multi-Factor Authentication as it does with other authenticators. It implies that once you type your password, you will receive a second security layer. Good news: this authenticator has an app lock for further security. For a better experience, you can also configure the program to run in the background.

4. 2FA Authenticator

2FA Authenticator, another popular free Google Authenticator alternative, is a basic software with an easy-to-use UI that stays out of your way. Adding applications is performed similarly to Authy by scanning a QR code or manually inputting a secret key.

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The app is only accessible by fingerprint (Touch ID) or Face ID, making it safe and inaccessible if your phone is ever lost or stolen. Once you’ve started using 2FA Authenticator, you can create an online account and sync it across various devices, so any passwords you save on a tablet are synced with an Android or iOS smartphone.

Although all codes are saved locally, the software developers have already produced a cloud solution for iOS and are preparing for an Android version. Whereas some programs want to include features like Bitcoin security, 2FA Authenticator prefers to keep things simple, focusing simply on safeguarding your online accounts.

5. Duo Mobile

Cisco’s Duo Mobile is another tool that makes it simple to authenticate login requests for your online accounts. It has a unique function called “Duo push,” which allows you to get login requests on your phone and verify them with one tap. If you get a request that you did not expect, you can decline it and report it as fraudulent. Furthermore, you can reject a request without identifying it as fake.

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Duo now enables fingerprint authentication for consumers with Android and iOS-enabled smartphones or tablets, allowing you to secure all of your passwords. If you ever go offline, you may still authenticate your accounts using passcodes that are produced even when you are not connected to the Internet.

While the rest of the applications on our list are designed for personal use, Duo, which is owned by Cisco, offers a plethora of security features that make it suitable for safeguarding small company or enterprise-level accounts.

6. TOTP Authenticator

This free software adds functionality to your mobile devices. TOTP Authenticator allows you to simply add security levels while also protecting your presence from hackers. This software combines the best security measures with an intuitive user interface.

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The authenticator generates one-time tokens that you may use in conjunction with your password. The effective two-step authentication protects your online accounts from hackers. Nonetheless, when SMS-based authentication is enabled, this app does not function.

TOTP Authenticator has a slew of useful features, including a dark look and multilingual support. If you subscribe to the premium version, this software includes cloud sync, which allows you to access codes from anywhere and at any time. A commercial version of the Chrome addon is also available. You may use this function to transmit the codes to the Chrome browser.

7. FreeOTP Authenticator

This is a free authenticator app that is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. FreeOTP Authenticator adds additional security levels to the majority of your internet accounts. On Android and iOS, this software may produce one-time passwords, which work in conjunction with regular passwords. It renders your accounts unhackable.

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Many internet services, like Evernote, Facebook, GitHub, Google, and many others, function nicely with FreeOTP. If your firm uses TOTP protocols, this program may be useful to them as well. Among authenticators, FreeOTP is the most similar to Google Authenticator. It does not support an app lock or a passcode to prevent hackers from accessing this app.

Bottom Line

Leaks and breaches in recent years have demonstrated that passwords alone are insufficient to safeguard your online bank account or social media accounts. Authy, Google Authenticator, and Microsoft Authenticator, for example, provide one of the more secure kinds of 2FA. Using one of these programs can even protect you against covert threats such as stalkerware. Hope this list of Best Google Authenticator Alternatives was helpful to you. Let us know your suggestion in the comment section below.

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